Our clients are diverse by industry, region and culture yet they need one thing in common: how to communicate effectively with their audience. In this section you can explore some of projects that we have delivered:


EE Communications had handled Crocs PR for nearly 4 years, since the beginning of 2007 through the end of 2010. During that time, EE Communications received 2 awards from Crocs Asia for "The Best Communications PR Agency" and "The Best Reporting PR Agency in Asia Pacific". During the same period, PT. Metrox as distributor Crocs in Indonesia succeeded in expanding the number of concept stores from just a single store to 25 ones across the country. EE Communications services included public relations activities, marketing PR and event management.



EE Communications supported the organization of the first Tour de Singkarak, an international cycling event, in 2009. Combining Sports and Tourism, the Tour de Singkarak took participants to an exciting adventure through the vast mountainous countryside of West Sumatra. The tour will not only offer fierce competition among racers but it is, moreover, an excellent chance to unveil all the hidden wonders of West Sumatra, from Padang all the way to Lake Singkarak. Working for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, EE Communications was responsible in creating publications before, during and after the event as well as handling all the media that covering the event. Under EE Communication’s management, the event managed to raise around Rp17,041,184,846 PR Value and attracted international media, including TV Iran and TV 3 Malaysia and ESPN in 2010.


As part of the national campaign for tax socialization, the Directorate General of Taxation East Jakarta Area requested the services of EE Communications to socialize the importance of tax to traditional merchants in East Jakarta area. One essential objective of the strategy was to increase the number of taxpayers and by the end of the day, would increase the tax revenue. EE Communications worked together with both formal and informal organizations that had direct involvement with the traditional markets and provided donations to orphanage in the area by inviting all the organizations. The most challenging part of the strategy was to actually convince the local traders to pay their taxes considering their lack of trusts to the government following the cases of tax embezzlement conducted by tax officials. By taking personal approach to each of the group community, EE Communications managed to successfully conduct the program.